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About Us

We are a commercial family enterprise and have run a textile production based in Nepal since 1990.


In 1984 we travelled to Nepal for the first time. Henceforth we returned many times due to the fact that we had been mesmerized by the mountains of the Himalaya and its people. In the course of time friendships developed. Finally, in 1988 we began distributing manufactured goods from Nepal.

An Independent Production

Primarily we browsed offers of Nepalese as well as Indian producers in order to find suitable items. But soon we had to decide upon whether or not to continue trading with Nepal for substantial difficulties arose. There were problem concerning production conditions, poor quality of the goods, as well as wrong cuts and sizes. Nevertheless we optimistically decided to set up our own production on the ground. In 1990 we established our self-contained textile production in the Kathmandu Valley. Ever since launching the production, we have been staying on site at least for two months every year. During these stays we are hosting workshops in person for our staff and are organizing all operational procedures so as to uphold the high quality of our products.

Our First Collection

The very first range of goods we had produced independently consisted of traditional cotton shirts for men originating from Southern Germany.(www.hemad.de)

"Hemad" is the Bavarian term for the German "Hemd" ('shirt' in English). This modern German word stems from its Old German equivalent "Hemidi" which translates into 'something cloaking, veiling'. It is generally assumed that Roman tunics were the textile precursors of shirts.

Our Staff

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Medieval Clothing

Our customers were taken with the traditionally woven fabrics we have been providing. Soon requests by customers motivated us to fabricate more and more medieval cuts. Finally, since 2005 the core area of our offer has been composed of attire inspired by the Middle Ages. We are permanently extending our product proposal. In case you are unable to find a suitable garment do not hesitate to contact us and place an order for special designs. More information is provided here.

We offer a huge line of medieval clothing for women, men and children. Browsing through our range of goods, you will find shirts, blouses, trousers, cloaks, monk habits, skirts, tabards, tunics, aprons, surcoats, and many more. Choosing from our diverse sales mix, you will be able to put together an authentic medieval outfit in no time. In order to provide you with medieval garments as faithful to historical clothing as possible, we do not only cater to those interested in medievalism, but also to people concerned with historic garments true to the Middle Ages. Of course, we offer nowadays popular pieces of clothing inspired by the Middle Ages. But furthermore, our variety of goods is inspired by studies in art history, archeology, as well as costume history in order to provide more genuine goods, too. Therefore, besides offering the typical historicizing men's outfit consisting of shirts and trousers, we additionally sell authentic tunics and tights.
Our range of goods features clothes of all social strata of medieval society. We do not only equip nobility and gentry, but also clergy and the third estate. Moreover, we offer specific gowns such as array of the Vikings, late medieval lansquenet garb, as well as Renaissance clothing. As you can see, we provide you not only with the typical medial costumes, but also serve you with textile rarities, that are hard to find at today's market. For instance, we sell two colored clothing in the courtly mi-parti or parti-colored fashion of the Middle Ages. We provide you with traditional Viking trousers and dresses, too. Apart from this, among our line of genuine medieval clothes you will find authentic tights, scapulars, tippets, hoods with liripipes, cottes, kirtles, sideless gowns, coifs, undertunics, leg wraps, skull caps, surcotes, and underwear such as braies. Regardless of how exactly you plan to dress up, we offer everything you need to prepare your next journey back in time to the Middle Ages. <br/ > The only materials processed are natural, pure cotton and solid wool felt. This variety of fabrics enables you to not only purchase suitable garb for every occasion, but also for any whether. Besides, all cloths are available in many sizes from S to XXXL. By offering a wide choice of sizes, we hopefully cater to every physique. <br/ > All of our textiles originate exclusively from our own production. Because of this we are able to have a direct impact on our goods' cuts and quality. Of course, this is the secret behind our garments' success: They do not only win you over with their wearing comfort, quality tailoring and solid materials. Moreover, our medieval clothing captivates with its longevity. For our historicized garments are not only wearable for one event only, but you will be able to wear and enjoy them for years. Last but not least, our textiles convince also with being low-maintenance, since everything we offer is machine washable.